SkyJet ServicesExclusive Charters Take Off

SkyJet Corporate We offer Aircraft Hangerage, Management, Sales, Lease, Contract and Charter services. Aviation partner to Paradigm Dynamix (Pty) Ltd

  • SkyJet Corporate is your South African Solution to Global Aviation Requirements

    When time is a virtue, SkyJet Corporate is your best asset

    Enjoy all the benefits a Corporate Aircraft has with the least hassle the industry has to offer, SkyJet Corporate meets every requirement set by the client, as a:
    •    Aircraft owner requiring full corporate management of their asset
    •    Business traveller requiring fast private transport
    •    Tour operators requiring a transfer of 1 to 300 tourists to any destination in the world.

    SkyJet Corporate provides aircraft availability 24/7, 365 days a year in as little at 4 hours notice or less.

    Why Partner with SkyJet Corporate:
    •    More and more businesses and individuals are realizing the efficiency and productivity benefits of private jet aviation.
    •    The Corporations/ Individuals are gaining time, controlling their own schedules, exploiting more opportunities, traveling safely, securely and achieving crucial face-to-face interaction with customers and prospects, both Nationally and Internationally.
    •    They enjoy the benefits of flexibility while being able to react quickly.
    •    Private jets have access to more airports when compared to the airlines. Therefore, when flying for business or pleasure, private aviation users have the additional advantage of avoiding congested airline hubs by flying into general aviation airports most often located closer to their final destinations.
    •    SkyJet Corporate provides: service, security, and privacy provided by a customer-oriented aviation company while avoiding the hassles, inconveniences, and concerns of commercial travel.
    •    In short, you will be partnering with a Air Service Provider that understands your business and personal needs and accordingly supplies the service expected from a First Class Establishment.
    •    SkyJet Corporate’s business profile, most of all, provides their clients their most precious commodity – time.

    Your complete Personal and Corporate Flight department